Resistance: the battle of philadelphia is a six-part, short-form, speculative fiction web series about a clandestine collective of residents who mobilize to resist the pervasive surveillance and the repressive state violence of a powerful corporate government in a near-future Philadelphia.

Inspired by films like Lizzie Borden’s Born in Flames (1983), Ivan Dixon/Sam Greenlee’s The Spook Who Sat By The Door (1973) and Gillo Pontecorvo’s The Battle of Algiers (1967), the series also subverts the dystopian genre to form a complex and historically rich narrative about the struggle for justice and liberation.

Created by M. Asli Dukan. Season One going live in September 2018.



Resistance: the battle of philadelphia | web series | official trailer


Creator | Producer | Director
Exec. Prod. | Producer

Writers: Alex Smith, M. Asli Dukan
Director of Photography: Aidan Un
Asstant Camera: Marie Alarcon
Sound/Boom: Fred Schmidt-Arenales
Wardrobe Designer: Kima Baffour
Make-Up/SFX Make-Up/Hair: Mary Arlynda Vermell
Set Decorator: Tanya Jackson
Gaffer/Grip: Bryan Oliver Green
Sound Designer/Addl Sound: Jeffrey Bethea
VFX Designer: Jose Mazariegos
Theme Composer: John Morrison
Editor: M. Asli Dukan
Catering/Craft Services: Dorine Horn
PA: Melissa de Leon
PA: Noel Quiles
PA: Gabe Castro
PA: Petra Floyd


Jennifer Kidwell as "ZAM"
Lindsay Smiling as "KURTIS"
Kennedy Allen as "AKEWI"
Dominique London as "CRYSTAL"
Loretta Graham as "MOTHER ADU"
Daquan Wright as "LESTER"

Jos Duncan as “SISTER CAROL”
Briana Horn as “BRIANA”
Dave Dougherty as “DETECTIVE FRANK”
Steve Clarkson as “AGENT WILSON”
Tyler Cohen as “YELLING AGENT”
Erin Aja Grant as “HOUSE COMRADE #1”
Alex Wiles as “HOUSE COMRADE #2”
Kima Baffour as “HOUSE COMRADE #3”
Tanya Jackson as “BODY of ANGELA KEENE”


Blackstar Film Festival: 2-5 August 2018

Newark International Film Festival: 7-9 September 2018

ONYXCON Film Festival: 24-26 August 2018

MECCACon Film Festival: 12-15 September 2018